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Getting the right hardware platform is the first part of any IT solution, and can also be one of the more difficult parts. Our expertise will help you choose, commission and implement an appropriate hardware platform. We will pick the best solution from the appropriate hardware vendor (we generally recommend HP, Dell and Lenovo platforms for server, workstation, Firewall, Networking, laptop systems, Google Mail, Domain & Web hosting etc.).
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Computer Hardware

We can provide computer systems from rack mounted servers through desktops and laptops through to tablets. We also have experience in audio visual systems and convergence of home entertainment, computers and tablets. We can provide Server, Desktop, Laptop, Antivirus, printers, scanners, CCTV, tablets, Google Mail Service etc.

Computer Software

The operating system (Windows, Unix or Mac ?), email (Microsoft Outlook or a web client ?), word processing or spreadsheet manipulation, antivirus protection and backup solutions (local to tape or offsite ?). All of these need to be specified and set up to work together to maximise productivity, minimise downtime and user issues.

Our Services

SSP Computers

If you are looking for an agency to help you to get rid from computer, server, firewall, networking, Mac, Windows, Printer, CCTV, Biometrics, Google mail, Domain, Web hosting, related issues including software and hardware.

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Our team has ample years of experience in the core areas of AMC / FMS to build a reliable and robust solution for your needs.
Server / Firewall
Looking out for customized solutions for server / firewall? Our team will develop and deliver a solution that’ll serve your purpose.
Dealer’s & Repairs
In Firewall, Server, Laptop, Desktop, MAC, Networking, Printer, CCTV, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Data Recovery and Biometrics
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